How it works?

In order start an excursion, D'n'G will first launch Google Navigation, which will navigate you from your home base to a designated "D'n'G meeting point", which is mostly a gas station somewhere near you.

In the "meeting point", D'n'G registers your position, and your guided excursion will start. Also, you can check fuel, and prepare for a long and entertaining day.

From the meeting point, D'n'G will navigate and entertain you through the whole excursion. While on tour, D'n'G doesn't need any input from you.


Once the excursion route is finished, you will be asked to drive back your home base using Google Navigation.

For your best D'n'G experience, connect your phone to the car audio system.

D'n'G is a battery-intense application, please make sure your phone is being charged properly while D'n'G is running.

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